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Here i present to you the internet most exhaustive list of beginners and advanced SEO Tools which can help you greatly in optimizing your SEO campaigns.  For Link Building tools check out the famous Link Building Tool Box and for content development tools check out this post: 60+ Awesome Tools to Develop Super Awesome Contents

Use CTRL F + ‘Search Term’ to find what you are looking for.


Crawling, Indexing and website architecture

  1. Add your URL – Submit your website for inclusion in Google’s index
  2. Apache Module mod_expires Tutorial
  3. Apache URL Rewriting Guide
  4. BrowSEO - a web app that allows you to view any webpage without distractions caused by styles.
  5. BuildWith - tool to determine server, CMS, Frameworks, tracking etc used by a website.
  6. Bulk PageRank Checker
  7. Browser Shots - tool to check browser compatibility
  8. Clean CSS - powerful CSS optimizer and formatter
  9. CSS Compressor - This tool is used to compress the CSS code and to make a web page loads faster.
  10. CSS SuperScrub - This tool can significantly reduce the size and complexity of your CSS by programmatically stripping unneeded content, stripping redundant calls, and intelligently grouping the remaining element names.
  11. CSS Validator
  12. Check My Links - It is an awesome link checker that crawls through your webpage and looks for broken links.
  13. DownForEveryoneorJustMe - tool to find whether a website is down for everyone or just you.
  14. Feed Validator
  15. Google Coding Guidelines from HTML and CSS
  16. Google PageRank: What Do We Know About It?
  17. GSiteCrawler- It is a desktop software  which is used to generate google (and Yahoo!) Sitemaps for Windows
  18. Google Merchant Center – Products Feed Specification
  19. Google Merchant Center – Categorise your products
  20. Google Merchant Center – Summary of Attribute Requirements
  21. Google Merchant Center – Google Product Search policies
  22. HTML Validator
  23. Javascript Compressor -  This tool is used to compress the Javascript code and to make a web page loads faster.
  24. List of HTTP Status Codes
  25. Live HTTP Headers - firefox add-on through which you can view HTTP header of a page while browsing.
  26. Pingdom DNS Health Check - check if a domain DNS servers are configured correctly
  27. Power Mapper - Visualize the informational architecture of a small website
  28. Removing Documents From the Wayback Machine
  29. Robots.txt Validator
  30. Screen Fly - tool to test your website on desktop, tablet, mobile and TV.
  31. Site Speed Optimization Tutorial
  32. Visualizing Linkscape Data - visualize the overall ranking potential of your website and that of our competitor.
  33. Web Page Content Compression
  34. Web Page Content Compression Verification
  35. Webpage removal request tool - Use this page to request removal of a page or site from Google’s search results. (Not all requests are successful)
  36. Wirify bookmarklet - Visualize the wireframe of a website
  37. Xenu Link SleuthScreaming Frog SEO Spider - analyze on-page elements (title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords etc) of an entire website and download the data into excel. Excellent tools to find crawling issues.
  38. XML Sitemap Generator - generates XML sitemap for a website.


CMS Tools


Data Scraping Tools

  1. SERPs Redux bookmarklet - Scrape the organic search results from
  2. AutoPager –  automatically loads next pages when you reach the end of a SERP esp. useful if you have a data separated over multiple pages that you want to scrape. Chrome extensionFirefox extension.
  3. Keyword difficulty tool of SEOmoz-  Through this tool you can scrape organic search results along with PA, DA,  and other SEOmoz metrics  etc.
  4. Excel Plugin by Niels Bosma - Through this Plugin you can fetch several on-page elements from a URL or list of URLs like: Title tag, Meta description tag, Meta keywords tag, Meta robots tag, H1 tag, H2 tag, HTTP Header, Backlinks, Facebook likes etc.
  5. X-Path tutorial
  6. X-Pather - It is a firefbug extension used to quickly generate path expressions while browsing HTML and XML documents.  Since X-Pather is a firebug extension, it means you first need to install firebug in order to use it.
  7. Scrapy - It is an an open source web scraping framework and is used to extract structured data from web pages & APIs. You need to know Python (a programming language) in order to use scrapy.
  8. Xenu Link SleuthScreaming Frog SEO Spider - Used to scrape on-page elements (title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords etc) of an entire website and download the data into excel.
  9. SEMRush- Scrape organic and paid keywords of an entire website (which keyword are driving traffic to competitor’s website). Scrape Google Adwords Ad copies of any website.
  10. Excel macro spreadsheet from seogadget - Fetch keywords from the text of a URL(s). However you need an Alchemy API keyto use this macro.
  11. SEO Gadget Google Adwords Plugin- Scrape keywords data from Google Adwords API.  If you have access to Google Adwords API then you can use this plugin.
  12. Open Site Explorer - Scrape back links of an entire website.
  13. OBL Scraper+Contact Finder - scrape outbound links and contact details from a URL or URL list.
  14. Scraper - This chrome extension can scrape data from web pages and export it to Google docs.


Keyword Research Tools

  1. Amazon auto suggest
  2. AOL Auto Suggest
  3. Bing Auto Suggest
  4. E-bay Auto Suggest
  5. Etsy Auto Suggest - get keyword suggestions for all things handmade and vintage.
  6. Google Auto Suggest
  7. Google Insight for Search
  8. Google Keyword Tool
  9. Google Keyword Traffic Estimator - Note: The standalone Traffic Estimator will be retired soon. To get traffic estimates, sign in to your AdWords account and choose Traffic Estimator from the Tools and Analysis tab.
  10. Google Trends
  11. Keyword Eye – Tool to visualize keyword search volume and competition.
  12. Mergewords - generate hundreds of different keywords variations
  13. Microsoft Advertising Intelligence - excel ad-on that provides keyword suggestions. You need advertiser login and password to use this tool.
  14. Overstock Auto Suggest
  15. Screaming Frog SEO Spider - scan the title tags of your competitors’ websites to determine the keywords they are targeting.
  16. Soovle - another good keyword suggestion tool.
  17. SEO Gadget Google Adwords Plugin- Scrape keywords data from Google Adwords API.  If you have access to Google Adwords API then you can use this plugin
  18. SEOmoz Keyword difficulty tool - determine how difficult it is to rank for a keyword.
  19. SEM Rush- determine organic and paid keywords of a website. It is a paid tool.
  20. Ubersuggest - generate thousands of potential keyword ideas & then download them
  21. Yahoo Auto Suggest
  22. Youtube Keyword Tool


Page Level Analysis

  1. Browser Size-  see how your web page would look under different screen resolutions.
  2. Google Webmaster Guidelines
  3. Image Analyzer - examines all images found on a web page to check for any accessibility issues. The width, height, alt, and longdesc attributes are examined for appropriate values.
  4. Image optimization tips
  5. Image Optimization Tool
  6. LoadTimer - measure page load times on mobile devices
  7. Page Speed Browser Extensions - It is a firebug extension/chrome extension through which you can determine the page speed score of a web page and get suggestions regarding optimizing the speed of the page.
  8. Page Speed Online - It is a browser independent tool to measure the speed performance of web pages.It can differentiate between high & low priority tasks which can help you in determining what needs to be done first.
  9. Pingdom Full Page Test - test the load time of a web page and also show its size.
  10. Search engine SPAM detector - analyzes a web page, searching for characteristics that search engines could consider spam.
  11. SetMyBrowserSize - see how your web page would look under different screen resolutions.
  12. SEOmoz on page report card - determine how well your pages are optimized for target keywords.
  13. SEOmoz Toolbar
  14. SEOBook Toolbar for firefox - website registration is required to use this toolbar.
  15. SEO Site Tools Extention - Another awesome Google Chrome extension for on page analysis.
  16. The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet - good cheat sheet for on-page analysis.
  17. Wayback Machine - tool to analyse the history of a web page.
  18. Web Developer Firefox Add-on - An awesome add-on for on-page analysis.


URL Manipulation and Server Issues

  1. 10 awesome .htaccess hacks for WordPress
  2. Apache Tutorial: .htaccess files
  3. Canonical URL Tag
  4. Check Server Header
  5. Class C Checker Tool
  6. Dynamic URLs vs. Static URLs
  7. Encyclopedia of Regular Expressions for SEO
  8. If-modified-since header
  9. IIS URL Rewriting and ASP.NET Routing
  10. Hot-linking checker tool
  11. How do I change my IP address?
  12. htaccess, 301 Redirects & SEO: Guest Post by NotSleepy
  13. ISAPI Rewrite
  14. Mod_Rewrite and Regular Expressions
  15. Mod Rewrite Forum
  16. Official Apache Module mod_rewrite
  17. Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Dynamic URLs vs. static URLs
  18. Regular-Expressions - resource to learn more about regex
  19. Regular Expression Checker - chrome add-on to text regex
  20. Regular Expression Tutorial
  21. Regular Expression Generator for range of IP addresses
  22. Server Side Includes (SSI)
  23. Simple URL Shortner
  24. URL Rewrite Tool: search engine friendly Urls
  25. What is my IP address?


Web Analytics Tools

  1. AnalyticsAPP - i-phone application to quickly access your Google Analytics data.
  2. Analytics Engine - automate event tracking in Google Analytics.
  3. Analytics Helper - A Google chrome add-on which shows what type (asynchronous, traditional) of Google Analytics Tracking code (GATC) is installed on a web page and whether it is installed properly. This add-on shows green icon in the browser bar only when GATC is detected.
  4. Automating Event Tracking in Google Analytics
  5. Excel for SEO – Powerful Cheat Sheet to Boost Productivity
  6. Excellent Analytics - free Excel plug-in that lets you import web analytics data from GA into a spreadsheet.
  7. GAConfig - free Google Analytics configuration tool, simplify setting up GA account, Goals and KPIs.
  8. GA Copy and Paste - Google Chrome add-on to copy and paste Goals and filters from one GA profile to another.
  9. Google Analytics Account Setup Tool
  10. Google Analytics Blog
  11. Google Analytics Channel - on YouTube
  12. Google Analytics Forum
  13. Google Analytics Glossary
  14. Google Analytics Help Center
  15. Google Analytics Tracking Code Debugger - chrome extension to verify the set up of GA tracking code
  16. Google Analytics Shortcuts: Tricks, Tools, keyboard & APIs
  17. Google Analytics URL Builder - tool to create campaign URLs
  18. Infinity Crawl Tracking - tool to track offline conversions via phone calls.  Track keywords which drive phone calls.
  19. Paditrack - tool for conversion funnel tracking. No need to install anything on the website. Integrate with your GA account.
  20. Percent Mobile - expensive but great tool for detailed mobile traffic analytics.
  21. Twistermc’s GA? - a fire fox add-on which verify GA installation on a web page (without looking at the source code)
  22. Wistia- provides video hosting, sharing and tracking. Great tool for video analytics.
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